Procedure & Bureaucracy

Sterner TM

Sending an instrument abroad for sevice takes some planning.
Here is how we would proceed:


  • By email we discuss what your instrument requires.
  • I make a price quote.
  • You send the instrument to me.
  • I intonate the instrument with the Sterner CompensationTM method.
  • I email you an invoice.
  • You pay by making a bank transfer to my bank account.
  • I send the instrument back to you.


If you live outside the European Union sending an instrument to Sweden for service
involves some bureaucracy. As I live close both to Arlanda (the internatonal airport
of Stockholm), I will take care of the bureaucracy and transportation here in Sweden.


For customers outside the European Union

  • When you send your instrument you fill in a CUSTOMS DECLARATION where you:
    .   -   State that you are temporarily exporting your instrument for service (Outward Processing).
    .   -   State the value of the instrument including shipping.
    .   -   Identify the instrument by a serial number or a description.

    Also enclose a PRO FORMA INVOICE where you repeat the above message to the customs.

Send the instrument to: 

Sterner Capo Mfg
Suckunge 562
SE-195 92  Märsta
  • When the instrument arrives to the Swedish customs I will temporarily import your instrument for service (Inward Processing). Then I pay a deposit to ensure that I will not sell the instrument here in Sweden.
  • When the intonation is done I re-export your instrument after service. The instrument is sent back to you and I get my deposit back within a few days.
  • When you get the instrument back you may need to re-import your instrument after service (Outward Processing).