Fiddle Capos

Sterner TM

You rearly see a capo on a violin or a fiddle, but...

The Broken Match Capo

Broken Match Capo In the old days you bent a piece of a match and slipped it under the strings. The match is very easy to bend if you soak it in your mouth and chew it a little.

And the refinement goes on...

The Cable Tie Capo

Cable tiesCable Tie Capo
Cable ties are plastic gadgets that holds cables coiled neatly. They come in different sizes and there are black ones to match the fretboard. Cut one to a little over an inch and slip it under the strings. The plastic bends to fit the fingerboard. Make the part next to the E-string flush with the neck and the part by the G-string can stick out a little so you can adjust the tuning.


"Use your first finger as a capo."
That's what most fiddlers get to hear. But how does it work?
Here is Joe Venuti's idea of using the first finger as a capo.